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Hevreh Member Portal powered by ShulCloud-FAQs

We're excited to give you access to your account on the Hevreh Member Portal! This site provides a secure and private way to view and update your personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, email, update yahrzeit information, view your transaction history, enter payment methods, set up recurring payments for charges, make donations and connect with other members through the online Member Directory. There is so much you can do when you use your new Hevreh ShulCloud account!


ShulCloud is a cloud-based synagogue management software used by over 900 synagogues throughout the United States. This system was created to directly serve synagogues and their members’ unique needs, including account management, bill payment, record updating, membership directory and more.

We hope the FAQs below will answer your questions and make it easy to navigate the new system.

Q: How do I get to our new member site? A: Click on the “Member Login” menu choice on our website or visit:

Q: How do I log in? A: If this is your first time logging in, you have received an email inviting you to log in and create/update your profile. We strongly recommend that each member unit take the time to complete this step when first accessing the new system. It will ensure that all your information is up to date and all payments and donations will be readily categorized and properly attributed.

For those not new to the portal, click “Login” at and enter your username and password. If you forgot your password, you can reset it by going to clicking the "Forgot my Password” button on the login screen – you will then be prompted to enter your email, and you will receive a link by email to reset your password.

Q: What if I never received the email inviting me to create my profile? A: Please email and we will send you a new email invitation.

Q: Can I update my personal information? – Yes, please! A: You can edit all this information in the portal when logged in to your account. If you are logged in, a "Welcome [Your Name]" button will be visible in the upper right corner of the website homepage. Click that button, and then click on "My Account" where you will be able to update any information.

You will be able to edit your personal information, including address, phone number, yahrzeit and more. Please note that you will not be able to edit your family relationships, if you would like an update made, please email

To make changes, start on the My Account page. Under "My Personal and Family Information," you will see a series of tiles/boxes. These are where you will click to make demographic changes. After each change you make, be sure to click “save changes.” Please be sure to review and validate your email, phone numbers, birthday, and addresses. If you have more than one address, please be sure to enter when you are at each address.

Q. How do I change my information in the membership directory? A. Click the "My Directory Listing" tile to change your directory information and set display and sharing preferences. The directory is accessible to all members. We encourage you to upload a photo of the adult members of your family.

Q. How do I determine what information is shared in the online Member Directory? A: The Hevreh online Member Directory is only accessible to Hevreh members. Each family unit will be able to control what information is visible in that directory.

After logging in to ShulCloud, click on “My Account.” Click the “Edit My Directory Listing” tile. You can choose to hide selected elements of your directory listing or choose not to appear in the directory at all. The default setting is that information is shared with other members.

Q: Who can see my financial information? A: The only people who can see your financial information are you, the Hevreh administrative staff and select Board members.

Q: Can I use ShulCloud to make donations or payments? Yes, please! A: Yes! You will be able to make donations and register for events and classes directly from the website, as well as specify where you would like your funds to be applied. You will have the option to either use a charge card or or an eCheck / ACH.

You will be able to set up scheduled payments on whatever schedule works for you. The payments can occur monthly, every two months, quarterly, etc., and you can split the Posted 06.27.24 payment into installments, as long as the full amount is paid by March 31st of the current fiscal year.

Q: Is it possible to continue mailing in a check for my payments and donations, or do I need to pay online? A: Yes! Hevreh is happy to accept payment by check, either via mail or dropped off in the office.

Q: What are the processing fees for online payments? A: For ACH payments, there is a 0.9% processing fee and for credit card payments, the fee is 2.9%, plus $0.15 per transaction. Processing fees are automatically included.

Q: Is my credit card on file secure? A: Yes. Your personal and financial information is secure. ShulCloud uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt all payment transactions. For more information on ShulCloud's security practices see:

Q: Can I change my credit card on file or add a new payment method? A: Yes, at any time, you can change or add an additional credit card to your saved payment methods. You can do so by logging into your account and selecting "My Account" > "My Financial Information" > "My Payment Methods".

Q: How do I check my account balance? A: Log in to ShulCloud and select My Account. Under "My Financial Information," click on the My Transactions tile to see your account balance. Please keep in mind that payments made by check may take up to 2 weeks to appear on your account.

Q: Will we get monthly statements in the mail, or will they only be sent by email? A. Monthly statements will be sent electronically unless you request paper statements or have previously told the oeice that you want to receive communications via paper mail. To opt out of electronic statements, you can either let us know or make the change yourself. To opt in to paper statements, you will need to go to My Account/My Profile/View & Edit Your Profile (this is at the bottom right of the screen)/Edit My Addresses/Billing Preferred Delivery Method. Make sure to click “save changes to address.”

Q. ShulCloud isn’t working for me, and I am frustrated. Q. ShulCloud isn’t working for me, and I am frustrated. A: We appreciate your patience as we roll out this new software. Our stae will provide support to help congregants learn to navigate the new system. If you have questions, please contact or call (413) 528-6378.

The following resources can answer questions you may have an provide support in using the member portal:

All members have access to Hevreh’s Member Portal hosted by ShulCloud.  Hevreh uses ShulCloud to manage membership, donations, yahrzeits, payments and more.  The portal allows members to manage their account online and provides easy access to member information, payments, and more.  

To access the member portal, click the button below.

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