We missed you.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our grounds this summer. The Hevreh staff, member volunteers, and members of the Reopening Task Force are partnering together to create a safe and comfortable environment for outdoor learning and worship. 


When considering whether to connect virtually or in-person, Hevreh’s Reopening Task Force has always considered three factors: Jewish values; Federal, State, and local regulations; and public health data. After reflecting on all three, the Reopening Task Force has established the following guidelines for safe in-person gatherings:


  • Low community spread and test positivity rates in Berkshire County. 

  • A countywide vaccination rate of 70% for high-risk individuals, that is those who are 65+ or who have two comorbidities.  

  • All members of our staff and adult members of their households are eligible for vaccination.

When & where


Hybrid Events


Friday night services

B’not Mitzvah
(75 attendees)


Hybrid Events


Lunch N Learn Creative Beit Midrash Torah Study
Tot Shabbat

(25 attendees)

Frequently asked questions

What safety precautions will be in place?

In accordance with the guidelines listed above, we also have the following expectations of our community members who wish to join us in person:

  • Masks must be worn covering both nose and mouth at all times.
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet must be maintained, although members of the same household may group together.

Who can come in person?

Anyone who is feeling well, ready to abide by our safety precautions, and has completed the pre-registration/pre-screening process is welcome to attend in-person programming at Hevreh.

Who is advised to join remotely?

Those who are particularly vulnerable to, or who have not yet been vaccinated against, COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home. Those who do not feel comfortable joining in-person are welcome to join virtually.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend a program at Hevreh?

Hevreh strongly encourages our members to seek out vaccination. In accordance with the Jewish value of pikuach nefesh, saving a life, each individual should do whatever they can to make the world around them safer. We will not ask proof of vaccination for event attendees, however, we hope that you will enter our sacred space having taken all the steps necessary to ensure that you will protect yourself and others.

What events will take place outside?

Phase 1:

  • Small group gatherings of up to 25 persons outdoors (under the sky)
    • Lunch and Learn, Saturday morning Torah Study, Creative Beit Midrash, Tot Shabbat, Committee and Board meetings
  • Religious School
  • Select lifecycle events may take place in the sanctuary, with a limit of 25 persons.
Phase 2 - All of the above, plus: (under the tent)
  • Larger group gatherings of up to 75 persons outdoors
    • Kabbalat Shabbat and Saturday morning services
  • B’nai Mitzvah

Can I go inside the building?

Except for limited lifecycle events, the building will remain closed. For outdoor programming, there will be restroom facilities available outside the building that will be cleaned thoroughly after every event. For indoor lifecycle events (B’nai mitzvah, funerals), there will be a short health screening at the door before attendees proceed to the sanctuary, the lobby, or the bathrooms. Masks are expected to be worn properly at all times that community members are in the building.

Will there be nosh available?

For the foreseeable future, Hevreh will not be serving food as part of our Shabbat or Adult learning programs. The Department of Health for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has put forth measures for gathering that forbid sharing food together. We ask that event attendees strictly adhere to these parameters by abstaining from bringing food when entering our shared space. If someone needs a snack, they will be invited to find an isolated area (cars are recommended) to eat, reaffix their mask properly, and return.

What if it rains or it’s cold?

We recommend that program attendees dress appropriately for the times they will be outside. We will plan to meet under the tent if there is rain forecasted, and if there is severe weather, we may choose to cancel an outdoor program. We do not have plans to move outdoor programs inside in response to weather conditions. If an event or service is cancelled due to weather, it will be accessible to everyone online by Zoom

What happens if the number of positive COVID-19 cases rise?

Hevreh’s Reopening Task Force is continuing to meet regularly to discuss public health trends and make recommendations to the Board for what is safe through the summer. We may decide to stop having events indoors, or suspend all outdoor programming for a period of time. We will inform the congregation promptly if such circumstances arise.

I want to come to an event. What do I do to make that happen?

Click here to view our calendar of events and pre-register. Please note that registration is for one event at a time; signing up for Lunch N Learn does not guarantee a spot every week, only for the week that you have chosen to attend in-person. After an attendee has pre-registered, they will receive information about parking, seating, and how they will be welcomed when they enter the space. 2 before the event begins, pre-registrants will receive a simple health attestation via email to fill out before arriving

My child/grandchild/next door neighbor is a student at Hevreh’s Early Childhood Center. May I go over to chat and say hi if I see them playing outside while I’m at Hevreh?

No, and we appreciate you asking! We ask all adult visitors to Hevreh to follow the signs for pedestrian traffic flow around our campus, which will help us keep our students safe, healthy, and separate from our programming.