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Shabbat @ Hevreh

We look forward to connecting with our Hevreh through Shabbat and into the next week.

Friday, March 20

6 pm: Zoom Shabbat

While we can’t be together in person, we can still welcome in Shabbat as a community. No matter your location, join your Hevreh for a Zoom Shabbat.

Saturday, March 21

9 am: Zoom into Tot Shabbat in your PJ’s!

Join Rabbi Gordon and student cantor Gabe for a chance to see familiar faces, sing and dance, and celebrate Shabbat, virtually! All are welcome.

10 am: Zoom Shabbat Morning Torah Study

Rabbi Hirsch will be leading us through Torah study online, Saturday morning at 10 am. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a computer at your kitchen table, and join in some good discussion of this week’s Torah portion: Parashat Vayak’heil/P’kudei.

9 pm: Virtual HoTY Shul-In: Milk and Cookies Edition

Join your Hevreh teen community for a virtual hang out, with a special milk and cookies challenge: here’s a recipe for homemade oreos ; let’s see everyone’s best version! Bake your cookies before Saturday night, and then we’ll sign on to say hi, enjoy our sweets together, make Havdalah, and hang out.Text Rabbi Gordon or Jodie for the link.

Sunday, March 22

10 am: Religious School Families Virtual T’fillah!

Sign into Zoom to say hello to your Hevreh friends and teachers. We’ll join together for a truly Virtual T’fillah, share our blessings for daily miracles, and hear a story. Students and families are all encouraged to sign on.

Tuesday, March 24 

1 pm: Modern Jewish Short Story Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Gordon

Join Rabbi Gordon for the chance to dive deep into some of her favorite modern Jewish literature. First up, a short story by Dara Horn, called “Shtetl World”. Read the story in advance and join us to discuss. Click here for the story.

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