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Reflections from Israel by Rebecca Honig

Waking to the smell of cows

Delicious breakfast on a Kibbutz

A donkey ride dressed as our ancestors

Fresh baked bread and coffee as we hear stories 

Of the path that leads from Ethiopia to Israel

Stories of absorption. Stories of finding home.

On the bus again. Driving up, up, up with Mustafa.

Now teens from Ein Harold make art with teens from the Berkshires

Wandering through Mishkan Museum 

Salvaged art from Europe telling of the pogroms, of the holocaust.

5 Palestinian brothers, painting, sketching, photographing 

What it means to be a Palestinian in Israel. 

Then to the sandwich club.

Hands from east and west making meals.

Frisbee, basketball, and the very best Shakshuka.

Achiya, Itzik, Manachem, Beit Alfa, Tanya, Daniella

Our hosts along the way.

All in a single day.


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