That We Be Reborn

A poem by Hillel Zeitlin (1871-1942, Russia)

Source of all that exists, You create your world anew every moment. Would You but for a moment withhold your creative love, The whole universe would come to an end.

You pour out your blessings on your creatures every instant.  And again the stars renew their song of love to You.

And again the angels chant over their song of holiness to You.  And again the souls of mortals repeat their yearning for You; And again the birds keep chirping their hymns of joy to You.

And again the trees wrap themselves in their tallit of leaves And offer their worship to You. And again the fountains in whispers murmur their prayers to You.

O God, turn on me but one ray of Your light and I will be steeped in light. Let but one word issue from You and rise restored; But one wave of your life eternal and I am drenched in the dew of youth.

Do You not continually renew your creation, O Source of all life?  Take me Your child and renew me. Breathe Your spirit into me that I may live, that I may start life  Afresh with childhood’s unbounded promise.

We thank You for both day and night, for continually renewing your creation.

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