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Rosh Hashanah Youth Choir: Sing with us!

Dear Hevreh Families: 

As we prepare to greet the new year one month from today, we are busy preparing to make our #HevrehatHome experience as warm, familiar, and meaningful as possible. And, we need you!  Rosh Hashanah wouldn’t be the same without the voices of our young families and Religious School students, so we are inviting all of our young (and young-at-heart) people to record themselves singing “Turning of the World”, to be edited into a beautiful video that will be used as the closing song for our Rosh Hashanah morning service on September 19th. 

In order to make this magical, we need everyone to participate from our Tiny Talmidim to our teens, and everyone in between.

Please read the easy-to-follow instructions below to ensure that your video comes out just right! 

1.    First: learn and review the song! 

· Listen to the mp3 track of Rabbi Gordon singing and/or follow along at home with the sheet music.  You can download the audio file to listen to, and the pdf with the lyrics here:

Turning of the World Audio Practice
Download ZIP • 4.71MB

Turning of the World
Download PDF • 37KB

2.    Get ready to record

  • Make sure your lighting is good- we want to see your wonderful punim! 

  • Have two devices ready:

    • Smartphone to record the video (hold the phone horizontally, this is essential!)

    • Another device with headphones for the child(ren) to listen to the mp3 track and sing along with while you record them.

3.    Make your video!

  • A grownup should film the child(ren) from a distance of no more than a few feet, to allow for best audio quality.   

  • Do your best to record in a quiet place, so that we don’t hear barking dogs or car horns honking.

  • The child(ren) should have earbuds in their ear while you record, so that they are singing along with Rabbi Gordon--- this will help us keep everyone singing as close to in unison as possible

  • Sing out loud! 

  • Be creative! Wear your New Year’s finest, make up your own hand motions, film in an unusual and beautiful location. 


When you have completed your recording, please upload your best take to this Google Drie Folder:

Each submission should have the subject line: Name of Child_Turning of the World

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, Rabbi Gordon will get back to you after August 27th!

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