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Reflections from a day of surprises by Max Mozian

Sunday April 23

We started the day with a graffiti tour when we looked at all sorts of street art. After that we went on a tasting tour in Jerusalem when we tried some Georgian food and got juices and smoothies from The Etrog Man stand in the market. After that we went on exploring the market on our own for about a hour. We then went on our bus to an archeological site but there was tons of traffic coming from Jerusalem so we were a bit late. We dug up dirt and tried find some artifacts for about fifteen minutes. We then brought up all the buckets of dirt to the top of the cave and began to sift through the dirt to find artifacts we missed while digging. The artifacts we found were thousands or of years old and are in the homes of Greeks a long time ago. We then explored a cave that has not been dug up yet. It was very tight in there and dark but it was a super fun experience. We went back to our bus and found out that our flight was canceled. Next, we went to our new hotel in Tel Aviv and played frisbee and hung out on the roof. While we were on the roof we saw some people scaling the building across from the hotel. We were scared that they were breaking in but after further thinking we realized they were just doing construction. After that scare we went to sleep and said goodbye to the day.

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