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Magid Listener Limerick Challenge

If you're looking for a creative way to tell the Magid at the seder table this year, consider the way we went about it at this year's Religious School Chocolate Seder: in limerick!

Taking inspiration from the Listener Limerick Challenge on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me the leader of the seder should read a limerick, and then let everyone else guess the last word. If you write your own, that's great. Send them to Rabbi Hirsch, and he'll start to build up a collection at Hevreh

At Passover we open the file

About a baby who floated a mile

In a basket of hay

It bobbed as it may

Along the river nile.

Even with each plague show

Pharaoh still said no.

To Moses’ request

He made on God’s behest,

To “Let my people go.”

Boils, lice, and blood

Cows too sick to chew their cud,

All the plagues

We’re super not vague

At least there wasn’t a flood.

Moses yelled, “Listen up you guys,

Im telling you no lies.

It’s time to leave in a hurry.”

Then the community was all in a flurry.

With no time to let the bread rise.

Pharaoh chased them with chariot and cart.

But the Israelites had a head start.

When they got to the Red Sea

The next steps didn’t seem easy

So God made the waters part.

Once on dry land

Their feet firmly in the sand

The Israelites celebrated

For this freedom was fated.

From slavery they had closure

So now we can tell the story of Passover.

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