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Hevreh’s Israel Trip

Reflections on Our First Few Days

By: Bob Tutnauer

These first few day’s we’ve been in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. They’ve been very hot, uncomfortable days. No matter, we’ve enjoyed our trip.

The second morning, we were joined by an Palestinian guide. As we walked around Jaffa, we had a frank location about the differences of opinion, and the differences of storytelling, between Israelis and Palestinians over land. We also had a lively conversation on the Palestinians and the Right of Return. We followed that up with  a discussion on religion and prayer.

Our day in Jaffa was also about art and culture. We visited an eclectic and unusual home and museum, by the artist Ilana Goor. We enjoyed a simple lunch, and visited a few other galleries. We topped the day off with a tasting at a local, small-batch whiskey distillery.

My impressions of these last couple of days are not only that is Tel Aviv a unique city, but the problems that Israel faces are real. Things feel as if they may be more intractable than I had thought. Some in our group expressed thoughts in the moment that the situations may not be solveable. I continue to believe that the can be fixed.

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