Strategic Plan

Destination: Judaism
Guiding Hevreh to 2020

A living, working document to be used as a tool to guide Hevreh into and for the future.

Objectives of This Strategic Plan:
To deepen one’s sense of Jewishness
To strengthen our congregation’s sense of belonging, engagement and connection.
To strengthen Hevreh’s financial viability.

The Plan
2016 – Focus on Planning
✔️Draft Strategic Plan
✔️Submit plan to Board for approval
✔️Create Revenue Enhancement Task Force
12345Purpose: identify best ways to maintain and grow Hevreh’s revenue streams.
✔️Create Metrics Team
12345Purpose: Measure congregation’s views, through a Congregation-wide sentiment survey, regarding perceptions of life at Hevreh and engagement in it. – In progress

2017 – Focus on Congregant Connection & Engagement
Launch the Early Childcare Center at Hevreh
Focus on the Hevreh Worship Experience
Get, keep, and grow membership
Implement the Revenue Enhancement Task Force’s recommendations, as adopted by the Board

2018 – Focus on Lifelong Learning
Design new educational paradigm for school aged children and families
Adult Jewish learning
Continue implementing previous year’s planning, building on the Revenue Enhancement Task Force’s recommendations

2019 – Focus on Implementation
Preserving the core while stimulating progress for the future:
Integrating the traditions of our community with the new approaches we are implementing.

2020 – Focus on Evaluation


2020 Strategic Planning Team:

Carol Beyer, Chair
Jeff Blaugrund
Jan Kabel
Joan Kleinman
Sharon Mozian
Helice Picheny
Shelley Rolf
Suzanne Sawyer, President
Rabbi Neil Hirsch
Rabbi Jodie Gordon