Hevreh offers varied opportunities for members to volunteer and give back. We are proud our many committees whose members create wonderful programs and support the work necessary for our congregational family to thrive. Our committee’s include:



Social Action Committee

Members reach out to the local community with a wide array of activities, including staffing the local food pantry and soup kitchen, participating in various community food and clothing drives, hosting Blood Drives, and helping to plan Interfaith activities. The committee also keep the congregation informed about social justice issues with advocacy postcards.

Youth Committee

People on this committee work with our Rabbis and the HoTY youth group leadership to assist the teens in program planning and support.

Caring Community Committee

Members work to ensure that every life transition in our Hevreh community is noted and help is offered when needed. This outreach ranges from notes and calls to meals and visits.

Ritual Committee

This group works with the Rabbis to formulate guidelines and policies regarding Hevreh’s ritual life. This includes planning holiday services and celebrations, working with our Rabbis on the creation of a new prayer book, as well as discussing all issues related to worship and ritual.

Membership Committee

People on this committee look upon each member and member family as vital to Hevreh and work to ensure that all new members are welcomed to the congregation, as well as to reach out to current members.

Fundraising Committee

These volunteers are concerned with the additional program planning and fund drives that are crucial to maintaining our financial responsibility to the congregation.

Library Committee

People on this committee ensure that the Hevreh library continues to be an important resource for the congregation and the community.

Social Events Committee

Together committee members plan events geared toward bringing the congregation together.

Life Long Learning Committee

This group develops Jewish educational activities and programming for the congregation and community.

Education Committee

Working in conjunction with the Religious School Director, this committee evaluates and reviews the Religious School curriculum.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

This group has a mission to support and facilitate quality religious education for the families of the children enrolled in Hevreh’s Religious School.

High Holidays Committee

This group’s members are in charge of all aspects of helping the High Holidays run smoothly.

House Committee

This group is focused on maintenance of the synagogue building and grounds and the establishment of rules for the building’s use.

Oneg Committee

Together committee members are responsible for coordinating and overseeing Shabbat onegs.

Long Range Planning Committee

This committee develops recommendations regarding long-range goals and plans to meet the needs of the congregation.