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Yom Shabbat, 28 Kislev 5775








Hevreh of Southern Berkshire is a welcoming and inclusive Reform Jewish congregation.

Our goal is to build relationships within and beyond our community that embrace and enrich our lives. We strive to bring purpose through sacred and secular activities, worship and rituals, sharing our stories, education, community service, and social action.


By welcoming all who seek a place in our Southern Berkshire Reform Jewish congregation


By offering a culture and a community that strives for connection, support, and creation of relationships and a strong sense of belonging


By being inclusive, comforting, and joyful


By being a place where our stories are shared and honored.


By providing means for the broadest participation of our members in our religious, spiritual, educational and communal life.


By healing the world (tikkum olam),through an active program of social action, acts of righteousness (tzedakah ) and loving kindness (gemilut hasidim), through ongoing participation in the local, national, and world-wide Jewish communities


By marking the seasons of the year and life's transitions through meaningful Jewish ritual and worship







Welcome to Hevreh!

Whether you are a long-time member or a visitor curious about Jewish life in the Berkshires, we're so glad you found our home on the web. Hevreh of Southern Berkshire is a Reform congregation, affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. As a Reform congregation, we feel proud that our members of many different backgrounds feel comfortable at Hevreh and are delighted that the Berkshire Minyan, an egalitarian traditional community worships here each Shabbat morning, concurrent with our service in the sanctuary. We are a diverse community; some of us are native to the Berkshires while the vast majority of our members have come here from somewhere else. We are single and married, with and without children, we celebrate the fresh insights of the young and the sage wisdom of those who are older. We are gay and straight, we were born into the Jewish people, we have embraced Judaism and we are non-Jews who are part of Jewish families. We represent many different ways to define ourselves as members of a Jewish community. We have discovered what so many others have found to be true: this is a community where you can feel connected in a short time. While joyful and music-filled worship, thoughtful study of Torah and Jewish text, a time-honored connection to social justice and ongoing exploration of God and spirituality form the core of our activities and passions, we also see ourselves as a center of Jewish living and experience, offering concerts, lectures, a film series and even exercise classes. Engaging mind, heart, body and soul through a Jewish context is our goal. We invite you to explore our new website and get to know us better. Please be in touch with questions, concerns and comments. We welcome you.

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